IMG_1934How do you define wellness? Although a frequently used term, it may have a different definition  for each individual or community.
If we can relate it to a moment in time when we have felt at our optimal best in the holistic sense, meaning physically, spiritually, and mentally we can have a better sense of what it is. This would be equated to the well being of Mind, Body, and Soul. It is something that can be cultivated and nurtured. Although life’s events will come our way, many of these are planned and some unplanned. Some may be exciting, providing happiness others may be sad or can bring on feelings of anger. Sometimes there is actual physical pain, and a diseased state which may alter our over all function. The ideal would be to foster wellness in the midst of any situation we are in.

This blog is dedicated to finding that state of wellness no matter where we may be found in mind, body and spirit.

According to Bill Walsh, author of the article “America’s Evolution Toward Wellness” which appeared on the Journal of the American Society on Aging Spring 2015 vol 39 No.1, the wellness trend lends itself to exploitation by several industries. Among these industries are automakers who are incorporating air quality devices, electronic devices which measure activity, and the food industry’s labeling of organic or natural on their products to beckon customers. Employers and insurance companies are promoting certain lifestyles or habits through monetary incentives. Does this mean we are not to promote wellness? That does not need to be the case, but rather educating ourselves and promoting health through what we know to be tried and true.


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