A continuation of Wellness

As we have previously stated, wellness can be pursued and found at any point and situation in life. It is with this in mind that everyone can experience wellness. The popular consensus of what health and wellness are, is very much influenced by our culture and by the culture’s expectations. Society may view wellness as a trim and fit body, beautiful in appearance by the general standard of slimness, youthful, without blemish, followed by a bright mind . If this is the case then there are many of us who should not even aspire to wellness. At the same time exercise classes and gyms may be filled with very attractive individuals offering advice on fitness, exercise, body building, and supplements that will provide one with lean muscle mass.

This is many times dangerous advice which may lead to heart rhythm disturbances also know as (arrhythmia) as a result of energy drinks or supplements. Along with heart disturbances there can be alterations in kidney functions caused by excessive muscle breakdown due to excessive exercise or excessive protein intake found in health drinks or foods.

On a recently read article, wellness was addressed with nutrition in mind, specifically geared towards those with disabilities. The disabled population may be in need of better nutrition and fitness which may be achieved through educating families and individuals suffering disabilities and chronic illnesses. There are resources among which are Center on Nutrition and Disability. This is an extension of the national Get Fit Initiative offering accessibility to families and disabled individuals to the experts in the field.


Transforming Myths and Transforming the Wellness Discussion by Adeola Sonaike EP magazine February 2015IMG_1829

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