Reconciling cancer and wellness

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may initially interfere with a state of wellness. The process of learning what the diagnosis means and the disease process it entails, is the beginning of a redefined wellness. It is mourning and letting go of what was and attempting to put the pieces back together. It is redefining oneself yet staying the same in so many aspects. We can view this similarly to physical injury in which the integrity of the tissue or the bone has been interrupted and the body has to undergo a state of repair. The steps in the repair mechanisms usually go as follows, injury leads to pain, inflammation, and multiple responses from the body which involve further damage before it can proceed to heal. The ultimate result is scarring and redefined function to a greater or lesser degree. Fostering and strengthening the uninjured parts will help sustain the parts that are injured.  It may even decrease pain or alter the function and perception of the whole being. This adapted state can also pursue wellness in its present state.

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