Wellness in the Midst of Pain

Pain can be experienced in so many ways. Regardless of its form it can interfere with our everyday existence. It is generally divided into acute or chronic. Acute pain is a transient state, once the person heals or is removed from the causative agent the pain stops. Chronic pain is an ongoing condition, and management of chronic pain is necessary for improvement in quality of life. How can one find a state of comfort in the midst of discomfort? There are a variety of suggestions out there. Pain medications are available but what happens when these are not working. There are no absolute answers and is the human body capable of adapting to painful sensations, as it adapts and compensates for many other conditions? How does the body cope with prolonged periods of severe pain? Maybe this is a topic where feedback is necessary from anyone who suffers from severe chronic pain, regardless of the cause of that pain. The physiological and psychological effects of pain on the human body have been documented and they range from damage to the cardiovascular and immune system along with feelings of hopelessness and depression. Besides analgesics, other modalities in pain control are essential. These modalities include breathing exercises, meditation or prayer, massage,  distraction in sensations with heat or cold applications. The use of music and mental IMG_1983distractions can benefit. Music stimulates the auditory sense and can help keep the mind off the pain.  Aromatherapy which is using the olfactory sense to stimulate the brain through the smell of fragrances can also change the focus from the pain to a more relaxing experience. This can diminish the sympathetic stimulation effects and help with relaxation.

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