Over the Counter Pain Control


There are a great number of pain control medications that can be bought over the counter or without a prescription. Does this make them safe? How much should we know about these medications prior to taking them without regard because we think it’s safe? It is important to at least know the potential side effects, dangers, or contraindications so one can avoid possible injury due to these medications. Over the counter (OTC) pain medications can be very beneficial in relieving pain. These medications or analgesics are classified in groups. There are analgesics which are referred to as non steroidal anti inflammatories  meaning they help in reducing inflammation by blocking the agents that cause swelling in response to injury. The problem is the same agents that cause inflammation also protect the gastrointestinal track from injury. In other words it interferes with the protective mechanism against ulcers in the gastrointestinal track. Among these are Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen which contain mainly the same component. These medications also interfere with renal or kidney function. Aleve, another analgesic contains naproxen which is also considered anti inflammatory.

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