Walking for Wellness

Exercise is  often recommended for its health benefits. It is established that exercise can help strengthen bones, increase circulation, and serve as a mood enhancer. So why not take just a few minutes everyday and go for a walk provided one is able to. Walking is an exercise that has a low probability of injury. It is low impact so it is less likely to damage the joints. Oftentimes one may not feel like performing any activity but you will find once you take those first few steps preferably outside, the outlook changes. This is provided it is performed in a safe setting and at an appropriate time of the day. The summer days call either for early morning or at dusk. The midday heat is not recommended for health reasons such as heat exhaustion. The American Heart Association recommends walking for your heart. Walking however can benefit just about every system in your body. Lets start from the head down, the brain can benefit from increased circulation for a more alert mind and an enhanced mood. The respiratory system will benefit due to increased work in breathing expanding the lungs and increasing blood flow with oxygen rich blood. The heart is a muscle, and as such, benefits from exercise which will strengthen it. The digestive tract obtains its benefits from exercise because exercise promotes gastric motility and helps regulate the bowels. The urinary tract benefits from being non sedentary, urinary stasis contributes to urinary tract infections. The human body is connected meaning one system affects another. This is the reason why exercise helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There are some of you out there who for various reasons don’t have the ability to walk, but perhaps another activity may be in order so I would like to encourage you to pursue some form of physical activity. It is necessary for life.IMG_0946

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