Nursing in the 21st Century

-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-nurses-and-patients-2835x4252_26654Nursing has stepped into the 21st century and it involves a patient centered care approach. Nursing is considered one of the resources in health care systems around the world and  as such It has experienced cutbacks in the past, in order to make the financial equation work, but at what expense? The consensus seems to be that nursing is necessary for the provision of safe and quality care. Nursing encompasses  technical knowledge along with the human aspect involving emotional and psychological support. The fact that nursing is such an important resource in healthcare adds additional responsibility to nursing leaders and educators to prepare  nurses adequately for this role. Health policy makers, health service managers, taxpayers are also responsible for making provision for the nursing resource in healthcare.  

Scott, P. A., Matthews, A., & Kirwan, M. (2014). What is nursing in the 21st century and what does the 21st century health system require of nursing?. Nursing Philosophy, 15(1), 23-34. doi:10.1111/nup.12032

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