The future of Nursing

IMG_2079Technology has penetrated almost everyone’s lives. We can not deny the fact that whether we embrace or resist technology it is here to stay. Healthcare and specifically nursing which has been about caring for people and mainly through human contact is being very much affected by technology. It is no longer about cardiac monitors, defibrillators, diagnostic equipment, and computerized electronic devices utilized for patient care. If you have never heard of telehealth, it is perhaps because you are a healthy individual who has not been exposed to healthcare devices. Telehealth has been implemented in hospitals as remote monitoring  in e-ICUs. There is also the upcoming trend of caring for individuals who have chronic illnesses as heart failure and diabetes through remote monitoring. Triage through telehealth and the ability to communicate with health practitioners as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners is highly beneficial for individuals who live in remote areas and have limited access to healthcare.

Lu, J., Chi, M., & Chen, C. (2014). Advocacy of home telehealth care among consumers with chronic conditions. Journal Of Clinical Nursing

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