Health care

Where is healthcare taking us?  Health care professions specially nursing are a big part of this equation. The trend in healthcare at this time is to integrate the various professional roles with the intent that through this collaborative effort among the different disciplines we may improve patient outcomes. Insurance companies put limitations on the amount of hospital days causing the pendulum to sway towards more outpatient care and decrease the frequency for acute care. The growth in the elderly population is cause for a higher patient population, due to the sheer fact that most health problems increase with age. Where should the emphasis be in order to be able to provide and sustain healthcare in the different populations. The idea of prevention of disease is not new but nevertheless very important and it needs to be reemphasized by educating the public. After all given a choice most of us would not choose sickness over health. There are circumstances and conditions we may not have control over, but at least let’s take care of ourselves in the ones we have control over.-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-the-disease-clinic-3000x4000_42949

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