Antibiotics “to use” or “not to use”

Antibiotics are pharmacological substances which eradicate or decrease microorganisms, mainly bacteria. Antibiotics are utilized to treat infections by pathogenic bacteria which cause disease. Antibiotics are a very effective tool in arresting diseases as pneumonia, tuberculosis, syphillis, urinary tract infections, strep throat,  among many others infectious processes. Although killing the disease causing microorganisms seems to be the answer, and one may want to kill as many germs as possible the overuse or irresponsible use of antibiotics may cause greater harm than good. Bacteria and other microorganisms are necessary for healthy human functions.  There are a great deal of bacteria which reside in specific areas of our bodies such as the gut, the mouth, stomach, skin, to name a few. These microorganisms colonize or make their home in those specific areas and if their presence is disrupted it can cause disease or ailments. This is one of many reasons to use antibiotics cautiously. Another reason to limit antibiotics and only use when necessary is that generally bacteria can alter their function and become resistant to antibiotics. This can present a problem if a disease causing bacteria can not be eradicated, we will have more diseases without cures.

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