Laughter for health


Emotions play a part on our physiological state as well as our psychological state. Fear and anger are associated with negative emotions that can increase our heart rate and blood pressure. Sadness and hopelessness can have an effect on hormones that may play a part in increasing inflammation and tissue damage.  Well what do emotions such as laughter and joy do to our physiological state? The concept of laughter therapy is not so foreign and there are various laughter groups who aim to improve health. The Laughter Online University and laughter yoga groups are resources which promote laughter for health. Dr M. Miller of the University of Maryland in Baltimore who has researched laughter and the part it plays on health, associates laughter with healthy blood vessels. The idea of laughter for health does not require the laughter to be genuine but rather a fake it till you make it approach is fine. The benefits are the same even if the laughter is fake. Chances are even if you start faking your laughter, it will eventually be real for who can keep a straight face at silliness.

Gilbert, R. (2014). Laughter therapy: promoting health and wellbeing. Nursing & Residential Care16(7), 392-395 4p.

Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones.


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