What is osteoporosis?  Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones are porous loosing structural strength and are at risk for fractures. This occurs either because the body is not making enough bone or is loosing bone faster than it can be made. It is particularly important in the aging population and in individuals who are at risk due to other health conditions. Conditions which contribute to osteoporosis are either caused by poor absorption of nutrients or medications which interfere with absorption. Physical inactivity is also a main contributor since bone can demineralize without weight and movement. Women after menopause are at risk for osteoporosis because estrogen levels drop and estrogen plays a role in the absorption of calcium a major component in bone mass. What can menopausal women do in order to prevent further bone loss or prevent debilitating fractures. Exercise and weight bearing along with a diet rich in calcium can help counteract the bone loss.

Rêgo Bezerra, M. L., Donizetti Chaves, M., Lopes Nunes, S. F., Saraiva Costa, A. I., & de Oliveira Castro, Y. B. (2016). NURSING DIAGNOSES OF THE DOMAIN HEALTH PROMOTION IN MENOPAUSAL WOMEN WITH OSTEOPOROSIS. Journal Of Nursing UFPE / Revista De Enfermagem UFPE, 10(3), 969-976. doi:10.5205/reuol.8702-76273-4-SM.1003201604

What is Osteoporosis and What Causes It?


 Older Women In Swimsuits

Older Woman And Younger Man In Gym

Foods High In Vitamin D

Good Sources Of Calcium

Older Women Lifting Weights

Stretching Before Exercising

Xray Showing Low Bone Density

Older Woman Doing Yoga

 Older Woman In Yoga Class

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