healthy feet for wellness

Ever stop to think how much wear and tear our feet go through in every day life? Normally we don’t give our feet  much thought unless pain is present. We go through our everyday business and our feet ambulate us through life. Well if you know the saying you don’t miss something until you loose it you may appreciate this. Any of you who have sprained, broken, suffered from injury and pain to your feet  will know what I’m talking about. Ambulating with crutches, walker or wheelchair just doesn’t cut it. Our feet are essential because without our mobility we are predisposed to other health problems. Immobility affects every system in our bodies starting from head to toe. It is essential to strive for healthy feet.

MARIA, J., DHIYA, R., EZZATY, H., AISYAH, S., SAIFUL ADLI, B., & HAIDZIR, M. (2016). Range of motion, muscle length, and balance performance in older adults with normal, pronated, and supinated feet. Journal Of Physical Therapy Science, 28(3), 916-922.

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