Acute bronchitis

Of late there is quite a lot of coughing going around. Ever wondered why after a cold oftentimes, you are left with a residual cough that won’t let up specially at night ? Well before you go running to get antibiotics think again. You may have acute bronchitis which can occur after a cold or the flu. These microorganisms specifically influenza A or B, parainfluenza, coronavirus, rhinovirus, human metapneumovirus, and repiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can cause inflammation of the tracheo bronchial tree leaving an either dry or wet cough.  You may also feel fatigued along with soreness from increased coughing. The cough may sometimes last more than one month. There should not be a fever, if there is and a general feeling of weakness and chills then it is advisable to check for pneumonia. if not, then things you can do to help the situation are: Drinking lots of clear fluids, avoid the milk and dairies since these are more likely to produce congestion. Steam inhalations are recommended to humidify the airway, avoid smoke, dust, pollen, animal hair, and heavy pollution. Cough suppressants, antihistamines, and beta agonist as albuterol may be helpful,





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