Men and Healthcare

Do men seek primary and preventive care or do they usually end up seeking care when it is too late? The study cited attempted to find out if there is enough resources for men’s health. It addressed it through the question: What has been produced about men’s health care in primary health care? The study was conducted in Brazil where the government has made numerous attempts at emphasizing men’s health. “PNAISH – the National Policy for Integral Men’s Health Care emerged, as one of the government’s priorities. The objectives of this Policy are to promote health actions that contribute significantly to the understanding of the specific reality of each man, in their diverse socio-cultural and political-economic contexts, as well as principles for increasing life expectancy and reducing morbidity and mortality rates, by preventable and avoidable causes, in the male population aged 20 to 59 years.” (Silveira, 2017. p.1529).

After a review of numerous articles in Brazil where the study was conducted utilizing the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SCIELO) it came to the conclusion there are no actions geared towards servicing the male gender in primary healthcare despite the government’s attempt. Men for the most part according to this article are “obstacles to themselves. Usually they are providers of their home, their work schedules interfere with accessing healthcare, there is also fear and shame of exposing their problems.” (Silveira, 2017 p.1529)  These obstacles interfere with seeking the preventive care necessary for their health maintenance. The article finally recommended further studies. How can this be addressed? Statistically men have a lower life expectancy than women, they are prone to serious and chronic illnesses, therefore they are considered a vulnerable population. Educating about health maintenance may be effective provided it is done on their terms. This would entail addressing the obstacles that interfere with seeking healthcare.

Gomes Silveira, C. L., Costa de Melo, V. F., & Roque Barreto, A. J. (2017). ATTENTION TO THE HEALTH OF MEN IN PRIMARY HEALTH CARE: INTEGRATIVE REVIEW. Journal Of Nursing UFPE / Revista De Enfermagem UFPE, 31528-1535. doi:10.5205/reuol.10263-91568-1-RV.1103sup201727

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