Our food choices

Most of us are familiar with Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs pyramid. The idea is we have basic needs and as those needs are met we move upward until self actualization. Our food choices may be influenced by where we are in life according to a study done. It was found that better food choices were made by the older population of better socioeconomic status in the Netherlands.  It is possible since most of their physical needs were met then they were free to make healthier choices. This may not always be the case with the impoverished elder population.

Frank J. van Lenthe*, Tessa Jansen and Carlijn B. M. Kamphuis

Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
(Submitted 15 May 2014 – Final revision received 24 November 2014 – Accepted 15 January 2015 – First published online 18 March 2015)

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