Promoting health

Promoting health can be challenging. We as human beings are usually motivated by rewards or avoiding negative consequences. How can we become more internally motivated to care for our bodies hence our health? Sometimes, we just have to start our wellness behaviors and reward ourselves as we go until the reality of feeling well or better is motivation enough. An example would be a reading program children participated in where they were given a coupon for free pizza if they read 20 minutes a day for 1 month. Not only did they look forward to the pizza but in many cases they took pleasure in reading. This is the idea, whatever it takes to jumpstart healthy behaviors then once one is reaping the benefits of health it will be its own motivator.

Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation in Health Promotion and Wellness

Colleen M. Seifert, PhD; Larry S. Chapman, MPH; Joseph K. Hart, JD; Paul Perez, CWPC, PCC

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